Insulated Cover

All Aluminum maintenance Free
Those insulated patio covers would have that piece of insulation in the middle of the two pieces of patio cover material. An excellent choice of material would be aluminum. Such is definitely lightweight, non-toxic and would last for several years since such is durable. The aluminum is a lot less expensive than metal or wood cover and such is also available in a lot of designs, colors as well as finishes too. They can also be cleaned very easily and would require just less maintenance. You should use a broom and cleaning solution in cleaning this.

Those covers are normally made with such interlock features which would make the padding really useful because it gets stuck tightly in between those aluminum pieces. The aluminum may also be purchased with such laminated finishes which will offer an extra resistance during snow and rain periods. You should also know that the covers can certainly mute the sound of raindrops which is really an added bonus.

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