About Us

I'm Darrell Curenton owner of Bama Aluminum. My experience in the home improvement business goal all the way back to 1958 the year I was born, my dad opened his own home improvement business. I grew up in the business working after school, weekends, and then full time. I worked for my dad for about 20 years after that I went to work for a wholesale manufacturer of screen-room, sunroom, and patio cover material for 7 years. After 7 years I went to work for another manufacturer In Memphis, TN then transferred to Nashville, TN and then the Birmingham location. While working on the road as a salesman for this company I studied the products of all the manufacturers. 

When my wife and I decided to open our own business we opened accounts with every manufacturer within 500 miles of our location. We wanted to be able to offer any style of an aluminum patio cover, screen room, glass enclosure, and pergola on the market. Not just one company. That way we can match and materials in case of storm damage or match the existing cover. When we opened our business we set up our showroom with full-size displays and samples of all the manufactures, we wanted a central location where people could come in and shop all major brand names and actually see the products first hand, customers shouldn't have to shop all over town to see what is available. Our office and showroom Is a 1 stop shop where you can see and compare all the products. We are unique in the fact, I started out as in installer, then sales, and production. I have worked in retail and wholesale distribution. I know both sides of this business. We know installation first hand and also how to get the best price for the material. Our goal is to offer the best installation, the best quality materials at a fair price. 
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